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Unconventional gas resources potential in Nepal and Chinese-Nepalese cooperation technology model on its exploration and development



Part A (Dr. Shuxun Sang), China University of Mining and Technology, China

Part B (Dr. Upendra Baral), Institute of Fundamental Research and Studies (InFeRS), Nepal


The project aims to construct unconventional gas migration and preservation models, and evaluate the resource potential of unconventional gas in Nepal, and finally establish a Chinese-Nepalese cooperation technology model for unconventional natural gas exploration and development.

Sources of Funding and Its Use

Jiangsu province government of China initiating “One Belt and One Road” innovation cooperation project of Jiangsu Province (OBORJ).

Duration, Amendment and Withdrawal

From 01/06/2022 until 31/05/2025, 3 years of effective period.

Project participant from InFeRS : Dr. Upendra BARAL