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Dr. Prakash Adhikari

Master’s degree from Chonbuk National University and Ph.D. from Chungnam National University, South Korea

Dr. Adhikari completed his master’s degree from Chonbuk National University and Ph.D. from Chungnam National University, South Korea. During Doctorate degree, his research is mainly focused on edible lipid (oils and fats) modification using enzymatic processing to make healthier product.

He has worked for large vegetable oil producers in R&D and New Product Development as a Senior Scientist for Wilmar Biotechnology R&D (China) and Cargill, Global Food Research (China). He is currently working as an R&D Leader in Mewah Oils Sdn Bhd, Malaysia.

Dr. Adhikari is a highly qualified R&D leader, oils & fats expert, leader with 15 years’ experience in research and development mainly focusing on R&D strategy and innovation, product development and technical service. Working in multicultural/multinational environment with positive thinking.

Dr Adhikari’s main technical responsibilities include lipid modification, specialty fat development (margarines, shortenings etc.), confectionary fats (CBE, CBS, CBR), frying oil, oxidation and antioxidants. Valorization of co-products from different fruit and oil seeds and new value creation. Value chain analysis to optimize products and co-products to provide new opportunities in the new markets. Dr. Adhikari has done many research in Chiuri butter for the utilization of local raw materials which is found in Nepal.


Margarines, shortenings, confectioneries and frying oils, enzymatic/chemical interesterfication/transesterification, frying & coating, oils and fats processing, Project management, crystallization behavior of fats and oils, analytical methods for fats and oils and oil-based products.
Dr. Adhikari has more than 20 papers in international journals, more than 10 lectures on international conferences, 2 patents and 3 book chapters.