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About InFeRS

The Institute of Fundamental Research and Studies (InFeRS) is a multidisciplinary independent research unit established in Nepal by national as well as international researchers. The essence of InFeRS is more than 50 doctorate scholars from integrative field. InFeRS facilitate and accelerate the interdisciplinary research to deliver trustworthy and valid knowledge to the community for their socio-economic development. The institution aim to empower the policy makers along with different stakeholders by means of extensive and realistic research findings. Both applied and social sciences are crucial for the development, hence InFeRS advance the interdisciplinary knowledge and enhance the development of the community. InFeRS do provide support individual/institution upon their requirement and interest to strengthen their plans and policy.
The climate change, degradation of environment, Geohazards/Disasters, human migration, Social discrimination is the key issues in the present world and InFeRS will focuses on those along with other issues that holds a crucial values in the local community. For the better future, InFeRS planned to establish one institution for knowledge sharing / transfer to young fellows from round the globe. At present, to deliver the organization motto, InFeRS have following departments:

Centre of Applied Sciences

  • Department of Geology & Geography
  • Department of Environment & Climate Change
  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Medical Sciences
  • Department of Engineering and Information Technology

Centre of Social Sciences

  • Department of Political Sciences
  • Department of Finance and Management
  • Department of Geography